Gurren Lagann Launches New Line of Perfumes for the Whole Brigade

Five scents are available in conjunction with a new exhibition for the series


Gainax's galaxy-sized Gurren Lagann is drilling its way into the Reiwa Period with a new art exhibition, and it has inventive merch to match—including a new line of perfumes based on the star members of the Gurren Brigade.


The perfumes are made by Dreaming Princess, a company specializing in anime-inspired scents. Previous products include a line of Pop Team Epic fragrances, Cowboy Bebop cologne, and Granzort hand sanitizer.



The line's main scent pierces the heavens with notes of sparkling citrus and ozone, with white peach and musk underneath. The bottle also arrives with a Drill Core charm. There's also a Kamina perfume (bergamot, freesia, and white musk), and one for Yoko (sake, rose, and sandalwood), each in their own specially designed bottle:



Also available are a pair of slim roll-ons themed to Simon and Nia's emotional wedding scene. Simon's is a gentle and refreshing blend of grapefruit and and floral notes, while Nia's is an airy, translucent blend of sweet pea, Edelweiss, and floral bouquet.



Pre-orders are open for all scents starting today. The Simon and Nia set contains two 20ml roll-on bottles and sells for 2,000 yen total. The others are 50ml each, and sell for 2,500 yen each.


>> Gurren Lagann Perfume Product Page

Source: Anime! Anime!



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