Glorious Photos & Videos from Cutie Honey Emotional Stage Play Arrive

Ichidai Matsuda (Wake Up,Girls!, Silent Möbius stage plays) is attached to write/direct

Cutie Honey Emotional, the second stage play adaptation of Go Nagai's classic Cutie Honey manga in the mid-1970s, finally kicked off at the Ikebukuro Sunshine theater in Tokyo on February 6, 2020. Before the opening, its dress rehearsal was introduced to Japanese entertainment media. Then photos and videos featuring the five Cutie Honey's performance on the stage have been posted on the web.


The stage play adaptation is written/directed by Ichidai Matsuda (Wake Up,Girls!, Silent Möbius stage plays). 24-year-old Kei Jonishi (ex-NMB48 member) stars as Honey Kisaragi/Cutie Honey., alongside Hinata Sato as Jumper Honey, Mizuki Saiba as Sweet Honey, Rin Kaname as Cyber Honey, and Hina Hiratsuka as Lovely Honey. It will be performed seven times at the 816-capacity theater until February 9. 





via: Mini Theater Tsushin


via: NetLabo Entertainment



Poster visual: 



Source: Kyodo Medias press release, NetLabo Entertainment & Mini Theater Tsushin YouTube channel


©GO NAGAI / DYNAMIC PLANNING, Stage Play "Cutie Honey Emotional" Production Committee


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