Boy meets Ghost in Maru Maru Danshi Project Voice PV

Daiki Yamashita and Yusuke Nagano lend their talents to video advertising mixed media project's electronic novel

Rei, a ghostly boy from the Maru Maru Danshi Project mixed media project, offers a friendly handshake in a scene from the promotional PV.


Maru Maru Danshi Project - a mixed media project by DK Co., Ltd. that features LINE stickers, manga, and novels focusing on 22 unique high school boys - is celebrating the release of the Maru Maru Danshi Project -Youkosou 1-nen A-gumi e- ("Welcome to 1st Year Class A") novel on the Piccoma service with a voice preview video.



The preview video features the voice talents of Daiki Yamashita as Kokoro Hahakura, a young man who always listens to the voice of his heart, and Yusuke Nagano as Rei, a boy who is also a ghost. The PV samples the first chapter of the novel, in which the two boys meet and Rei is pleased to discover that Kokoro can see him.


Maru Maru Danshi Project -Youkosou 1-nen A-gumi e- is written by Minami Kita, Sora Ishihara, and Meiji Hamawari and features illustrations by Aoneko. The novel is currently available via the Piccoma electronic book and manga service.


Source: MoCa


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