New Documentary Takes Fans to the Locations of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA

Comedians visit Drive-In Tori, Arpino, and more famous spots from the series


Undead idol anime ZOMBIE LAND SAGA is full of real locations, events, and traditions around Saga Prefecture. Later this month, fans can follow two comedy superfans as they explore the familiar sights!



ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Pilgrimage Tour will star comedians Atsushi Tamura (London Boots #1 and #2) and Hideki Morimoto (Nibunnogo!), accompanied by TVQ Kyushu announcer Kana Yamazaki. The group will visit recognizable locations like Drive-In Tori, Saga Castle (where Sakura and Saki's rap battle took place), the sculpture of Karatsu Dashi where Franchouchou performed their guerrilla live, and the Karatsu City Historical Folk Museum:



The documentary itself will be narrated by Kaede Hondo as Sakura.



The show will air on TVQ Kyushu on Feburary 24 at 4pm, after which it will be available on the TVQ YouTube channel for one month.


>> ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Pilgrimage Tour Website

Source: Anime! Anime!



See the sights of Saga Prefecture: watch ZOMBIE LAND SAGA on Crunchyroll!


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