BLEACH’s 20th Anniversary Project Announcement to Be Streamed Online After AnimeJapan’s Cancellation

The announcement, alongside revealing Tite Kubo’s new work, was originally scheduled for AnimeJapan



It was announced on March 6 on the official BLEACH website for the upcoming 20th Anniversary Project that the now-canceled stage that was scheduled for AnimeJapan 2020 will instead be streamed live on the Shonen Jump YouTube channel in both English and Japanese March 21 at 9:45 AM Japan time. A countdown has appeared on the site with images from the manga series.


Here’s where the live stream will happen in 14 days:


After the cancellation of AnimeJapan 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis and the “basic policy” of the Japanese government, all the stages and announcements were also canceled. The basic policy has asked that all events over a certain size to reconsider whether they should occur or not. While some franchises were prepared and announced that they were streaming the events that were set for the AnimeJapan weekend, it hadn’t been announced what was going to happen to the “Bleach 20th Anniversary Project and Tite Kubo New Work Presentation” stage event, until now.


Appearing on the live stream will be voice actors from BLEACH, Masakazu Morita (Ichigo Kurosaki), Fumiko Orikasa (Rukia Kuchiki), Ryotaro Okiayu (Byakuya Kuchiki), the Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Shonen Jump Hiroyuki Nakano, and Yoshiyuki Hirai of America Zarigani MC’ing the stream.


“Bleach 20th Anniversary Project and Tite Kubo New Work Presentation”


Tune in at 9:45 AM Japan time on March 21 to see what is next for the BLEACH franchise!


Source: BLEACH 20th Anniversary Project website


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