BanG Dream! FILM LIVE's "2nd Stage" is Now in Production

The 72-minute first film earned over 300 million yen in its domestic run in 2019



BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 2nd Stage, the second animation live concert film from Bushiroad's BanG Dream! mixed-media franchise has gotten the green light for a release in the near future. Along with a teaser visual for the new film featuring the protagonist Kasumi Toyama sitting with her guitar at a stage, the news was revealed in the special live-streaming program for the franchise's newest projects last night. Further details will be provided soon.




BanG Dream! FILM LIVE, the 72-minute first film featuring 3DCG live performance by the franchise's five girls bands was released in 56 theaters across Japan on Spetember 13, 2019. The Sanjigen-produced film easily earned 100 million yen in its first five days, then crossed the 300 million yen mark in 44 days. 



"BanG Dream! FILM LIVE" trailer:




Source: Bushiroad press release


©BanG Dream! Project ©BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Project 


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