Artists of Twitter Call on Amabie, the Healing Mermaid Yokai

Check out some of the artistic renderings of the benevolent sea creature


Legend tells of a three-legged mermaid yokai who spreads healing in time of sickness—provided you share pictures of her. The artists of the Internet were more than up to the task, and now the "Amabie challenge" is trending across social media.


The legend of Amabie first surfaced in the 1800s, when the yokai legendarily appeared off the coast of Kumamoto. She predicted good harvests for the region, then left instructions in case of illness. Should an epidemic spread, locals were to draw a picture of her and share it around in order to restore health.



Artists around the world, especially in Japan, have heeded Amabie's centuries-old advice and are drawing their own pictures of her as part of the "Amabie challenge." The yokai's hashtag features an ever-growing variety of renditions—from this highly hygenic design by Devil's Candy co-creator @tsulala:



To this action-packed cartoon by @wagahai_is_neko:



And a Tezuka tribute by manga artist Keiichi Tanaka:



Pets are getting in on the act, too:



The hashtag is getting new entries literally by the minute, so keep an eye out—and throw your own Amabie into the healing mix!


>> Amabie hashtag on Twitter

Source: Spoon & Tamago



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