Slayers Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary with Special Anime MV featuring Megumi Hayashibara's New Song

All-song preview for her "Slayers MEGUMIX" album is also streamed



King Amusement Creative has started streaming a 110-second anime MV to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hajime Kanzaka's internationally popular fantasy light novel series Slayers and the release of Megumi Hayashibara's forthcoming three-disc album "Slayers MEGUMIXXX (Mugumix Kiss)" to be released on March 25.


Hayashibara has voiced the protagonist Lina Inverse since its first TV anime in 1995 and has performed the theme songs for its TV anime, OVA, and film series. And "two thumbs up!" featured in the clip is a newly-recorded memorial song for the 30th anniversary.





Also, a ten-minute all-song preview for the album "Slayers MEGUMIXXX" album is also streamed now.


All-song preview:



The novel illustrator Rui Araizumi who drew the album's jacket illustration has promoted it on Twitter.



 Album jacket illustration:



Song list:


  - DISC1-

1. "two thumbs up!" (Slayers 30th anniversary iamage song) ※a newly-recorded song

2. "Get along ~SelfTag Version~" (TV anime Slayers OP theme rearranged version)

3. "Give a reason" (TV anime Slayers NEXT OP)

4. "Breeze" (TV anime Slayers TRY OP)

5. "don't be discouraged"(TV anime Slayers TRY ED)

6. "Meet again"(TV anime Slayers 10th anniversary image song)

7. "Plenty of grit" (TV anime Slayers REVOLUTION OP)

8. "Revolution"(TV anime Slayers REVOLUTION ED)

9. "Front breaking"(TV anime Slayers EVOLUTION-R OP)

10. "Sunadokei" (TV anime Slayers EVOLUTION-R ED)

11. "JUST BEGUN"(TV anime Slayers EVOLUTION-R final episode ED)



1. "MIDNIGHT BLUE" (Slayers The Movie theme song)

2. "Shining Girl"Slayers The Movie image song)

3. "Just be conscious"Slayers RETURN tehme song)

4. "RUN ALL THE WAY!" (Slayers RETURN image song)

5. "Reflection"Slayers Great theme song)

6. "GLORIA 〜Kimi ni Todoketai〜" (Slayers Great image song)

7. "raging waves"Slayers Gorgeous theme song)

8. "feel well" (Slayers Premium theme song)

9. "Rumba, Rumba" (Slayers Premium image song)

10. "Kagirinai Yokubou no Naka ni" (OVA Slayers Special theme song)

11. "Touch Yourself"(Game Slayers Royal theme song)

12. "I&Myself" (Game Slayers Royal 2 theme song)



1. "Get along" (TV anime Slayers OP original version)

2. "KUJIKENAIKARA!"(TV anime Slayers ED)

3. "Nemurenai Yoru wa..." (from "Slayers Et Cetera① Excellent!")

4. "Going History" (Radio drama Slayers EX. OP)

5. "Shyakunetsu no Koi" (Radio drama Slayers EX. ED)

6. "Give a reason 〜Ballade version〜"(TV anime Slayers NEXT OP ballad version)

7. "Otome no Inori" (from "Slayers NEXT SOUND BIBLE Ⅱ")

8. "EXIT→RUNNING"(from the character song album "Slayers TRY TREASURY☆VOX")

9. "Kono Sekai no Dokoka de -MEGUMIX VERSION-" (from "Slayers TRY TREASURY☆BGM 2")

10. "SLAYERS 4 the future" (from the song best album "the BEST of SLAYERS [from TV&RADIO]"



Key visual for the canceled 30th anniversary event that was scheduled to be held on March 29.




Source: King Amusement Creative official YouTube channel



(C)Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi/kadokawa Shoten/TV Tokyo, SOFTX, Marubeni

(C)Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi/Kadokawa Shoten/TV Tokyo, SOFTX

(C)Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi/Fujimi Shobo/SlayersR Production Committee

(C)Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi/Fujimi Shobo/SlayersER Production Committee


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