Umamusume: Pretty Derby Spin-Off TV Anime UmaYon to Start Their School Life in July 2020

The ED theme songs will be changed every month



The official website for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of UmaYon, a spin-off four-panel manga series from the Umamusume: Pretty Derby series, has posted a 35-second first PV to announce its premiere in Japan in July 2020.


The web manga series focusing on the horse girls' everyday life at school is illustrated by Kuma Jet on scripts by Jin Ito and has been serialized in Cygames' Cycomics website Since March 2018. The TV anime will tell its original story that is different from the manga.


DMM.futureworks and W-Toon Studio will co-work on anime production. The anime's ED theme songs will be changed each month. The first one is "Pyoitto♪ Hareruya!" performed by Azumi Waki as Special Week, Iori Saeki as King Halo, Minami Takahashi as El Condor Pasa, and Rena Maeda as Grass Wonder. 







Source: TV anime "UmaYon" official website


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