Yuki Kajiura & Chiaki Ishikawa's Legendary Unit See-Saw to Release Best Album on June 10

The 36-song album will include the theme songs for the Gundam Seed and .hack anime series



Yuki Kajiura (keyboards) and Chiaki Ishikawa (vocal & chorus)'s legendary musical unit See-Saw will release their three-disc best album "See-Saw Complete BEST" from Flying Dog on June 10, 2020.


The unit made their major debut in 1993 and ceased their activities in 2006 after releasing 11 singles and four albums. They were known for their theme song works for the .hack and Gundam Seed anime series, and their top-ranking single was their 11th single "Kima wa Boku ni Niteiru," the fourth ED theme for the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny TV anime, which ranked fourth on Oricon's weekly single charts.


On December 15, 2019, Kajiura and Ishikawa held their first concert in 17 years as See-Saw at Tokyo International Forum, titled "See-Saw LIVE -Dream Field 2019-."





"See-Saw Complete BEST" song list (the order has not yet been determined):


  • "Swimmer" (1st single)
  • "Uta" 
  • "Kirai ni Naritai" (2nd single)
  • "Eien" 
  • "La La Africa" 
  • "Kakurenbo" 
  • "Timecard Love" 
  • "Futoumei Suisai Enogu" 
  • "Toui Timpani" 
  • "Kokoro no Ehon" 
  • "Chao Tokyo" (3rd single) 
  • "Usubeni" 
  • "Suhada No Make" (4th single)
  • "Dakishimeteiiru"
  • "Slender Cameleon" (5th single) 
  • "Dareka Watashi to..." 
  • "NERVE" 
  • "Mata Aerukara" (6th single) 
  • "Tatta Hirori no Anata he" 
  • "Obsession" (7th single/.hack//sign OP)
  • "Yasashii Yoake" (.hack//sign OP) 
  • "edge" (8th single/.hack//Liminality Vol.1 OP)
  • "Tasokare no Umi" (.hack//Liminality vol.1-4 ED) 
  • "Annani Issho Datta noni" (9th single/Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 1st ED)
  • "Tsuki Hitotsu" 
  • "Kimi ga Ita Monogatari" (.hack//Liminality Vol.3 OP) 
  • "Emerald Green" (11th single/.hack//Legend of the Twilight ED) 
  • "Kioku" (.hack//Liminality Vol.4 OP) 
  • "LOVE" 
  • "Natsu no Tegami" 
  • "Jumping Fish" 
  • "indio" (Noir insert song) 
  • "Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru" (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny 4th ED) 
  • "Seijyaku wa Headphone no Naka"



Their fourth and final original album "Dream Field" (May 8, 2013 release):



Source: Flying Dog


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