fripSide Drops Stylish Music Video for "only my railgun -version 2020-"

They are confirmed to perform the second OP for A Certain Scientific Railgun T


The official YouTube channel for the two-member musical unit fripSide has posted a 100-second music video for "only my railgun -version 2020-" to be included in their new MV collection Blu-ray "fripSide infinite video clips 2009-2020" to be released on April 1.


The song is a remake version of their first major single "only my railgun," the first OP theme for the first A Certain Scientific Railgun TV anime in 2009. The single has still been their second-highest-ranking one in Oricon's weekly single charts, taking third place in its first week of release. Since then, they have performed all theme songs for the A Certain Scientific Railgun anime and game franchise as listed below, and all music videos for the seven songs will be included in the Blu-ray.  


1. "only my railgun" (1st single/November 4, 2009) - TV anime A Certain Scientific Railgun 1st OP

2. "LEVEL5-judgelight-" (2nd single/February 17, 2020) - TV anime A Certain Scientific Railgun 2nd OP

3. "future gazer" (3rd single/October 13, 2020) - OVA A Certain Scientific Railgun theme song

4. "way to answer" (5th single/December 14, 2011) - PlayStation Portable A Certain Scientific Railgun OP

5. "sister's noise" (6th single/May 8, 2013) - TV anime A Certain Scientific Railgun S 1st OP

6. "eternal reality" (7th single/August 21, 2013) - TV anime A Certain Scientific Railgun S 2nd OP

7. "final phase" (16th single/February 26, 2020) - TV anime A Certain Scientific Railgun T 1st OP



"only my railgun -version 2020-" short MV:

"fripSide infinite video clips 2009-2020" Blu-ray jacket:




Song list:


1. "only my railgun"

2. "LEVEL5 -judgelight-"

3. "future gazer"

4. "everlasting"

5. "Heaven is a Place on Earth"

6. "way to answer"

7. "Decade"

8. "sister’s noise"

9. "eternal reality"

10. "black bullet"

11. "infinite synthesis"

12. "Luminize"

13. "Two souls -toward the truth-"

14. "white forces"

15. "1983-schwarzesmarken-(IS3 version)"

16. "The end of escape[fripSide×angela]"

17. "clockwork planet"

18. "Red 'reduction division' -crossroads version-"

19. "killing bites"

20. "divine criminal"

21. "Edge of the Universe"

22. "Love with You"

23. "when chance strikes"

24. "final phase2

25. "only my railgun -version2020-"



fripSide artist photo:



"only my railgun" short MV:

"LEVEL5-judgelight-" short MV:

"future gazer" short MV:

"way to answer" short MV:

"sister's noise" short MV:

"eternal reality" short MV:

"final phase" short MV:



Source: fripSide official YouTube channel


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