K-POP Group Stray Kids Comments on Their Tower of God TV Anime Opening and Ending Themes

The band will also be singing "SLUMP" as Tower of God's Ending Theme

Tower of God


It was announced on March 31 that the title of the ending theme for the Tower of God TV anime would be 'SLUMP,' once again being performed by the K-POP group Stray Kids, and with it, they spoke about how "honored" they are being able to part of a series that is "really popular in Korea." Check out the video (where they speak English!), and well as their full comments below.




Bang Chan


"I knew of “Tower of God” on NAVER WEBTOON from my friend. The story is really interesting from the start and captivated me so I am very honored that we have been given this chance. I am really happy for us to sing the opening and ending theme song for the animation I always wanted to. And to sing it in 3 languages is like a dream."


Lee Know


"It feels unreal to sing the opening and ending theme song for “Tower of God”, that I always watched. I will watch every episode of the animation once it starts. Despite the difficulty singing the song in 3 languages (Japanese, Korean and English), I had a great time. Please look forward to how it ends up."




"'Tower of God' is a very popular piece on NAVER WEBTOON and I have watched it many times. It is a great honor that we, Stray Kids will be singing the opening and ending theme song of such a great animation “Tower of God”.
Please give it lots of love."





"The Stray Kids member’s all love comics so we have been watching “Tower of God” but to be able to sing the theme songs for the animation is overwhelming. I’m excited to see the airing of the animation 'Tower of God.'"




"'Tower of God' is really popular in Korea so I’m very honored to be able to sing the opening and ending theme songs for such an animation. I’ve always wanted to be a part of animation music so I’m really happy. We recorded the songs in 3 languages so I’m excited that it will reach out to more people. We’ll bring joy to your ears with these songs so please look forward to them."





"I still can’t believe that us, Stray Kids will be singing the opening and ending theme songs for the animation “Tower of God”.


It’s our first time being picked out as the theme songs for an animation so I was really nervous. I remember clearly going to the recording studio preparing my vocals with care. The songs came out great so to think we can deliver it in 3 languages is exciting. I hope a lot of people will listen to it."



"I'm really excited. I already want to watch the animation “Tower of God”. We went through meticulous preparations for the songs so I hope you'll all like it."



"When I first heard we were to do the theme songs, I couldn't believe it. Now I’m really excited. Personally, I really like the ending theme song so I hope you’ll all enjoy it."



Tower of God


While we have to wait until April 1 to hear the ending theme 'SLUMP' from Stray Kids, the opening theme 'TOP' was previewed on March 25 and can be seen below.



It's just over a day until the Tower of God TV anime launches right here on Crunchyroll! Are you all excited to start climbing the tower?


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