Princess Principal Crown Handler Finishes Production "Despite the Difficult Times"

Actas' president tweeted about the completion of the film

Princess Principal Crown Handler


The 1st chapter of the 6-part Princess Principal anime film series, Princess Principal Crown Handler, was announced on March 30 that the film has finished production. The president of the anime studio Actas, Shunpei Maruyama, tweeted about the completion on his personal account, noting that "despite the difficult times" "Princess Principal Crown Handler has been completed."



"Thank you for your patience. Despite the difficult times, the first chapter of Princess Principal Crown Handler has been completed. To the staff, thank you so much for your hard work."


The anime film continues where the 2017 TV anime ended, with a new task being assigned to Team White Pigeon. Princess Principal Crown Handler is the first film in the six-part series with is scheduled to be released from April 10. The film is described as such:


The story is set in London at the end of the 19th century. A new task has been assigned to Team White Pigeon, a group of spies from the Commonwealth. It is a delivery of a used bookstore owner to the Commonwealth. Ange, Dorothy, and Chise successfully recapture the owner, who had been held in a detention center by the Kingdom. Meanwhile, the "spy hunt" became more intense in the Kingdom following an assassination attempt on the queen, and tension is strained at Control in the Commonwealth. Control speculates that the spy who has dispatched to the royal family might be a "double agent." To find out the truth, they order Team White Pigeon to contact with the spy, whose codename is "Bishop." How their new mission will be accomplished? And who is "Bishop"?



The original Princess Principal TV anime series aired for 12 episodes from July to September 2017 and was licensed by Sentai Filmworks. The TV series' director Masaki Tachibana returns to direct, while Noboru Kimura (Gundam Build Divers) serves as the series composer and writer, taking over the role from Ichiro Oukouchi.


Source: Shunpei Maruyama on Twitter


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