Angel Beats & Charlotte Official Twitter Teases a New Project?

Both TV anime series are available on Crunchyroll

The Angel Beats! TV anime's first episode was aired in Japan just ten years ago from today, April 2, 2010. And the fifth anniversary for the Charlotte TV anime, both series were created by Jun Maeda, is also approaching. The official Twitter for both anime says some kind of new project for the memorial year may be announced soon.


The post writes, "Again, this year marks ten years since 'Angel Beats!' and five years since 'Charlotte.' Because it is 2020, such a memorial year... We may be able to announce more information soon!? Please look forward to it!"



We'll update as soon as we get more information.



Angel Beats! was aired for 13 episodes from April 2 to June 25, 2010, then Charlotte was aired for 13 episodes from July 5 to September 27, 2015. Both were animated by P.A.WORKS, and are available on Crunchyroll.



"Angel Beats!" synopsis:


Otonashi is a young boy living in the afterlife with no memories of his life before his death. He joins a school organization called the SSS whose mission is to fight against God.




"Charlotte" synopsis:


Very few adolescent boys and girls have an onset of special abilities. Yu Otosaka is one such man who uses his ability unbeknownst to others in order to lead a satisfying school life. Then one day, a girl named Nao Tomori suddenly appears before him. Their encounter reveals the destiny for wielders of special abilities.




Source: "Angel Beats!" & "Charlotte" Official Twitter  


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