"Tokyo Mew Mew New" Anime Project Announced

That cat's out of the bag: Tokyo Mew Mew is coming back with a new animated adaptation

A banner image made from artwork from the official home page for the newly announced Tokyo Mew Mew New anime project, featuring the main characters of the new project.


Some quick news for all of you shoujo fans out there: as previously teased back in February of 2020, a new anime project entitled Tokyo Mew Mew New has been officially announced for Tokyo Mew Mew, the anime adaptation based the popular magical girl manga written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mai Ikumi about a girl with feline super powers.


A logo image for the Tokyo Mew Mew New anime project.


Aside from the title, not much is currently known about the new project, although it has been revealed that Pony Canyon's voice acting office, Swallow, is currently holding a general audition for a new actress to take on the role of the lead character, Ichigo Momomiya. The winner of the audition process will perform idol activities (voice acting, singing, dancing, etc.) in-character as Ichigo Momomiya for the soon-to-debut "Tokyo Mew Mew New" voice actor idol group. Ichigo Momomiya was previously voiced by Saki Nakajima in the 2002 - 2003 Tokyo Mew Mew TV anime.



The cover of the English language omnibus volume 01 of Tokyo Mew Mew published by Kodansha Comics, featuring artwork by Mia Ikumi.


Tokyo Mew Mew was serialized from 2000 - 2003 in Nakayoshi, and the series was also adapted into a 52 episode TV anime in 2002 - 2003 with animation production by Pierrot. An English language version of the Tokyo Mew Mew manga is available from Kodansha Comics, who describe the story of the series as follows:


On her first date with the cutest boy in school, Ichigo is exposed to a mysterious ray that meshes her DNA with that of the endangered Iriomote wildcat. She soon discovers that she has developed superhuman abilities and enhanced agility. Her new powers are put to the test when she leads a team with four other girls, each endowed with special abilities of their own. Together, they must now protect the Earth from an alien menace known as Deep Blue.




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Copyright notice:

© Kodansha / "Tokyo Mew Mew New" Production Committee

© Mia Ikumi・Reiko Yoshida/Kodansha

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