Check Out OP & ED Song MVs for Tsugumomo 2 by AOP & Haruka Tojo

The much-awaited second season's first episode is now available for Crunchyroll Premium members



At the same time as the premiere of the TV avime Tsugumomo 2 in Japan last night, the music videos for its OP song "Kaze Fukeba Tsukiyo no Hate ni" (When the Wind Blows, In the End of the Moonlit Night) by the eight-member idol group AOP and the ED theme song "Haru, Kanade" (Playing in the Spring) by 20-year-old anison singer Haruka Tojo were also posted on their official YouTube channels. 


AOP (Anime "Katteni Ouen Project) was formed in September 2012 and has performed the theme songs for Ace of Diamond (2014), Mr. Osomatsu (2015), Time Travel Girl (2016), Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club (2017), In Another World with My Smartphone (2017), Cutie Honey Universe (2018), and Over Drive Girl 1/6 (2019).

"Kaze Fukeba Tsukiyo no Hate ni" is available digitally from today, April 6, and its CD single will be released as their 18th single on May 20.  



"Kaze Fukeba Tsukiyo no Hate ni" MV:


Artist jacket edition CD:


Anime jacket edition CD:



Haruka Tojo made her professional singer debut in November 2016 when she was 16 by performing the ED theme song "Misty" for the TV anime Young Kiitaro's Youkai Picture Diary. Since then, she has provided the theme songs for NTR: Netsuzou Trap (2017), Space Bug (2018), Over Drive Girl 1/6 (2019), Demon Lord, Retry! (2019), and The Island of Giant Insects: The Movie (2020).

"Haru, Kanade" is available digitally from today, April 6, and its CD single is set to be released as her fifth single on May 27.


"Haru, Kanade"MV:


Limited edition CD jacket: 


Standard edition:



Following the 12-episode first season in April-June 2017, the much-awaited second season of the TV anime adaptation of Yoshikazu Hamada's supernatural romantic comedy manga Tsugumono premiered in Japan on April 5, 2020, under the title Tsugu Tsugumomo / Tsugumomo 2.


Its first episode "The Troubleshooters' Office" is now available to Crunchyroll Premium members in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Central and South America including the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa brs  





Source: AOP official YouTube channel, Haruka Tojo officiail YouTube channel


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