Machico Comments on KONOSUBA: Fantastic Days Theme Song CD: "I am Full of Happy Feelings!"

The CD also includes "Bright Show" by the game's original dancer unit Accel Hearts



As reported, Nippon Columbia will release the CD single of "Happy Magic," the theme song for the KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world! Fantastic Days smartphone game sung by Machico, on April 29, 2020. The 27-year-old singer, who has provided the theme songs for the KONOSUBA franchise since its first TV anime in 2016, has posted her comments on the upcoming single. 


The KONOSUBA franchise's first mobile game for Android and iOS began its service in Japan on February 27, 2020, and has already attracted more than 500,000 registered users. The single also includes "Bright Show" performed by the game's original three-member dancer unit Accel Hearts, consisting of Lia (Maki Kawase), Cielo (Karin Isobe), and Erika (Runa Narumi), along with the song's solo versions by each member.



 Comments from Machico:


Q: "What do you feel about the offer for the theme song?"


Machico: "I am very glad to be in charge of the theme song for 'KONOSUBA' franchise's first mobile game. I am full of happy feelings! I can color the world of 'KONOSUBA' with my song in a new form. I can spend my daily life with the characters. So I was curious about what kind of song it would be!"



Q: What was your impression when listening to the song for the first time and actually singing it?


Mahico: "It was a song full of freshness and the happy feeling of 'KONOSUBA.' The description of the lyrics was really easy to imagine, so I sang with the feeling of jumping into the world of the song. All of the songs of 'KONOSUBA' are comfortable to listen to and make me want to sing, but they are also very difficult to sing!! It was the same with this song."



Q: What did you feel about the OP movie?


Machico: "Everyone is the heroine and handsome-----!! I thought it was definitely a party that would face an adventure (laugh). Joking aside, the music and video were so linked that I felt the worldview from the lyrics was exactly drawn in the animation. Everyone had a very soft expression, and there were many new characters, so I was really excited ♪ And the mysterious dance was still alive!!"



Q: Which part of the song that you want to listen to?


Machico: "I would be happy if everyone who listens to the song would remember the rhythm of the clapping which is scattered in the song! 'Happy Magic' is a song that makes you happy just by listening to it, so it would be more fun if you clap your hands when you perform it! Also, I am whispering the part of "Sonna koto Wasurete" in the B-melody of the song together, so I hope you'll pay attention to it as well."



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Machico: "Do you enjoy 'KonoFan' a lot? I'm enjoying it leisurely, and every time I open the app, 'Happy Magic' is played and it makes me excited. I wish I can cast a spell on all of your adventures! 'Bright Show' sung by the dancer unit Axel Hearts is also included, as well as each girl's solo version!!!! I hope you can listen to it together and feel more about 'KonoFan'♪"





CD single jacket illustration:



The game's OP movie featuring the theme song "Happy Magic":


"Bright Show" MV:



The game's main visual:



Source: Nippon Columbia press release


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