Nintendo Switch to Be Restocked in Japan Over the Next Month

No word on Ring Fit Adventure restocks though...

Ring Fit Adventure


On April 8, Nintendo announced that it was halting shipment for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in Japan due to the breakdown of the supply chain to get new consoles from where they are manufactured in China to Japanese retailers. While the Nintendo Switch Lite was low in stock around Japan, the base model (and the Animal Crossing: New Horizons variant) have been scare since the start of February. 


Reprive came today as Nintendo announced that new stock of the Nintendo Switch will be arriving in Japan over the next month, with new pre-orders of every type of console going up on Nintendo's online store on April 15 (though, as of writing, it seems the pre-order function hasn't been updated, or the new stock has already been allocated). All pre-orders should be fulfilled by May 15 at the latest, according to Kyoto Shimbun. Though Nintendo's online shop states that the latest order would be June 4. 


The much-coveted Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch is set to be re-released a little earlier on May 11 on the Nintendo website, with Japanese retailers getting shipments from the end of April, nearly a month and a half after it was supposed to be released.


Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch delayed


As we reported on April 10, Australia is also seeing stock shortages. But now in the land down under, the Neon Joy-Cons version of the base Nintendo Switch model set to come back in stock in mid-June. In the United States, the Nintendo Switch is also out of stock on sites like Amazon and Walmart, with second-hand sellers selling the console far above its usual price. 


We can only hope that production and shipping issues clear up soon so people can get on their island and play Animal Crossing!


Source: Kyoto Shimbun


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