Voice Actors Sing Their Inspiring Anime Themes in Twitter Challenge

Aya Hirano and Noriko Hidaka are among the challengers so far


When we need cheering up, we turn to our favorite inspiring anime tunes. A new hashtag game on Twitter is bringing that challenge to the voice actors behind our favorite characters!


The challenge has been making its way around Twitter for the past few days, featuring videos of anime stars doing a capella renditions of tunes from their signature shows that give them strength. For example, Shoko Nakagawa performed a bit of "Sorairo Days" from Gurren Lagann—definitely a tune that lifts a lot of us up:



Aya Hirano let her followers vote on her choice of song, and ended up singing a bit of "Lost My Music" from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:



Noriko Hidaka channeled one of her most famous characters—Noriko Takaya from Aim for the Top! Gunbuster—to perform a bit of "Fly High," the song from episode 5's epic space battle. Then, of course, she called on her Onee-sama: Kazumi voice actress Rei Sakuma:



Sakuma responded in kind... but ended up faking out, instead playing Shampoo to Hidaka's Akane—their roles in Ranma 1/2:



Eternal teenager Kikuko Inoue is one of many tagged to carry on the challenge. Who else would you like to see sing for Twitter?


Thanks to @bunnycartoon on Twitter for the tip. Got a tip? Send it in!



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