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Grand Alliance


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Grand Alliance contains a vast world full of different cultures and regions. Alcyon, the region in which the game takes place, can be said to be controlled by six major national powers. Known as the Noble Houses, they each fight to retain their political power through different means, whether it be war, trade, politics, or deception. 

The World

The Alcyon Empire has been under the rules of the Ravensburg Dynasty for centuries. This semblance of peace is not to last, however, as internal turmoil between the other five Noble Houses leads to a shift in the power dynamic: war, backstabbing, and rebellion that will plague Alcyon for the years to come, unless it can be reunited by the rightful heir to the throne.


While the Ravensburgs rule the nation from the imperial capital, territories across the Empire are under the jurisdiction of the five noble factions: House Beaufort, Ryujin Clan, House Courcillon, Kazimovan Grand Duchy, and the Akhan Dominion.



Each of the noble houses have their own distinct color scheme, culture, and design style. While they offer a buffer to the empire against exterior threats, they also specialize in certain parts of the nation’s economy based on geography, such as agriculture, mining, or manufacturing. As the centerpiece of the Empire's territory, the Ravensburg family has always ruled over the land, maintaining peace and serving as the central trading hub between all the territories. They also control Spire Alcyon, a powerful monument upon the land, from which mana crystals are mined. These crystals power the magic and industry of this world; thus, they possess immense value. There are many spires scattered throughout the world, and each one contains great wealth and power. 




The setting is a fantasy world mixed with industrial era technology mixed with magic and steampunk. In this world, human civilization flourishes in Alcyon through the power of mana that is collected by mining arcane crystals within the Great Spires. These crystals are then synthesized into a gas form to power the technology in this world. This is used to generate energy to power vehicles in this world such as trains, biplanes, and to power cities in addition to more magical applications such as casting spells, animating golems, and levitating giant airships.




The Great Spires are massive artifact structures spread across the land and are highly sought after by the noble factions as they are the source of mana crystals that are used to power the technology in this world as a source of energy and for magic. Each Spire looks like a giant stone obelisk that stretches for hundreds of miles into the sky. Within each structure is a labyrinth maze of traps, creatures, and other dangers.


Humans can extract mana by mining the crystal growths within the structure and synthesize it into a gas which is used as a source of energy for industrial use and magic. Explorers are periodically sent further into the Spire to study the mystery of these giant artifacts. Plundering the inside of a spire can yield rare artifacts, ancient technology, and items of unfathomable power.


The capital city of the Alcyon Empire is built around the Alcyon Spire, legends say that the founding emperor harnessed the power of the Spire and gave magic to humanity centuries ago.


Ravensburg's Imperial Capital is built around Spire Alcyon, where they mine mana crystals to power magic, cities, and industry across the nation.  


There are currently seven Great Spires known to exist in the world: Spire Alcyon, Spire Maia, Spire CalaenusSpire Steropus, Spire Tygeta, Spire Meropus, and Spire Electea.


In the next few weeks, we will continue to divulge more information about each faction and the characters that hail from them. If you want to know more, or read our previous blog, check out our social media pages! 






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