Get Fired up with These Three Promare-Inspired Perfumes

Anime perfumer primaniacs offers their take on the popular Studio Trigger film


Relive the fiery action of Studio Trigger's Promare, thanks to a trio of new perfumes from primaniacs!


The anime-themed perfumer is known for its lines of scents based on characters from popular series, including Sailor Moon, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Death Note. This line includes scents for the three primary characters of the film: Galo, Lio, and Kray.



Each perfume comes in specilly-designed bottles and boxes evocative of their characters.



Galo's scent is a "powerful" mix of lime, cloves, and amber.



Lio's scent blends lily of the valley and gentle musk.



And Kray's starts with bright lemon and bergamot, changing to a dark cedarwood finish.


Pre-orders are currently open on the primaniacs site, and will open in the primaniacs shop in Ginza on May 29. Prior to the official sales date, sample scented papers will be handed out at the shop. Once sales are open, you'll also be able to buy pouches, stickers, and postcards featuring Promare campaign artwork.


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Source: Comic Natalie



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