Steampunk Detective Fantasy KURAYUKABA Crowdfunds Feature Film

Pilot film produced by 2019 crowdfunding efforts has been released to Youtube

A new key visual for the upcoming KURAYUKABA short film, featuring lay-about detective Shoutarou, a young woman in a soldier's uniform named Tanne, and an armored train set against a split backdrop that is one-half of a night city lit by paper lanterns and one-half of a shanty town during the day.


KURAYUKABA, a steampunk detective fantasy that was successfully crowdfunded on Makuake in 2019, has released its pilot film to Youtube (below), and has also begun crowdfunding efforts to expand the pilot film into a 40 minute animated feature film. The project currently seeks to raise 20 million yen (about $187,000 US) via the Motion Gallery website.


The staff for KURAYUKABA includes:


  • Original work, director: Shigeyoshi Tsukahara
  • Character design: Kazunori Minagawa
  • Special animator: Ryōchimo
  • CG, director of photography: maxcaffy
  • Art settings, background art: Pochi
  • Design works: Chouta Akatsuki, Keze, Takeshi Ishikawa, Kazunoko, Kitsuneiro, Kahi, Shie Nanahara
  • Animation production: Makaria
  • Planning: Twin Engine



KURAYUKABA is set in an alternative world, in a town where people have begun to fear falling shadows and the coming of the evening as a result of strange, mass disappearances that occur at night. After a chance encounter with a young woman named Tanne and her armored train, Shoutarou, a good-for-nothing detective, attempts to solve the case once and for all.




Comic Natalie


Copyright info: © Shigeyoshi Tsukahara / Twin Engine


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