Voice Actress Momoyo Koyama Reports Her Surgery for Vocal Cord Nodules was Successful

"From now on, I will undergo a lot of medical examination and rehabilitation."

24-year-old anime voice actress Momoyo Koyama reported on her official blog on May 6 that the surgery for vocal cord nodule surgery was successfully done the other day. She has been taking a hiatus from singing activities due to the disease since last month. She is best known as Sailor Mercury in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon musicals and the voice of the protagonist Karen Aijo in the Revue Starlight franchise.  


She writes on the latest post, "The three-day period of not talking has ended, now I am allowed to have a conversation in a low voice for about 30 minutes! Well, I actually don't have anyone to talk to... (laugh), I don't even hear my own whisper. From now on, I will undergo a lot of medical examination and rehabilitation, and I will let my voice out little by little! Everything's going well! I'm fine. Please wait a little longer. (^ ^)"


She reported last month that she had had a problem with her vocal cord for the recent three years. After the discussion with the doctor, she decided to take the surgery to cut it off, rather than deceiving it with medicine.



"Revue Starlight Karen VA Momoyo Koyama Takes a Hiatus for Vocal Cord Nodule Surgery"


Momoyo Koyama:



Source: Momoyo Koyama official blog via: Oricon News 


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