Kemono Friends VA Unit BATTEN Japari-Dan to Release Debut Album on July 8

The metal album includes a new song provided by Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth guitarist)



X Japari-Dan / BATTEN Japari-Dan, a three-member voice actress unit from the Kemono Friends franchise, opened their official website and Twitter account today, and also announced their debut album "x・x・x" (Batten-Batten-Batten) is set to be released on July 8, 2020.


The unit consists of Miki Mirai (Blackbuck), Moeka Koizumi (Tasmanian Devil), and Yurie Funato (Australian Devil). They are one of the two units formed for the Kemono Friends 3 arcade and smartphone game released in 2019. Another unit is Hanamaru Animal formed by Kanako Yanagihara (Meerkat), Izumi Fuuka (Dhole), and Rika Tachibana (Peach Panther).


Their official website introduces them in English as below:


"BATTEN Japari-Dan is the trio of voice actors take part in 'Kemono Friends,' Miki Mirai as the Blackbuck, Moeka Koizumi as the Tasmanian devil, Yurie Funato as the Australian devil. In contrast with their pretty looks, fans have a blast with their hard-rock songs. They call their fans 'Guardians.' Guardians are not just fans, they support BATTEN Japari-Dan with wearing clothes with X-mark on it and show their loyalty to BATTEN Japari-Dan by holding up X-mark with the own designed chemical lights."


Their seven-song album "x・x・x" will include their debut song "Japari Rhapsody - BATTEN Japari-Dan no Theme" digitally released in March, a heavy tune "Kakko Fubatsu-ron" provided by Japanese metal band OUTRAGE, and a middle tune "Dokidoki Mokushiroku (Apocalypse)" composed by Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth guitarist).



"Kakko Fubatsu-ron" 20-second MV preview:



"x・x・x" first press limited edition CD jacket:



Standard edition:



Artist photo:





Source: BATTEN Japari-dan official website / Twitter


©Kemono Friend Project ©SEGA


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