Heroes Rise Up in SHIKIZAKURA TV Anime Trailer

Original sci-fi action anime produced by creatives from the Nagoya area will broadcast in 2021

An armored hero faces off against monstrous Oni in a scene from the upcoming SHIKIZAKURA TV anime.


A dynamic new trailer has been published for SHIKIZAKURA ("Winter Cherry Blossoms"), an upcoming original science fiction action TV anime produced primarily by creatives from the Nagoya region about a young man who becomes an armored superhero to protect humanity from monstrous creatures.



Set in a world where monstrous creatures known as "Oni" routinely attack and devour human beings, the story of SHIKIZAKURA follows a Kakeru Miwa, a young man who accidentally dons a powered armor suit known as a "yoroi" and fights back against the Oni. Using the yoroi, which combines ancient secrets with cutting edge technology, Kakeru aims to become a hero that can protect the world from the depredations of the Oni.


A teaser visual for the upcoming SHIKIZAKURA TV anime, featuring the main character Kakeru Miwa posing in his normal and power-armor clad forms against a background of blooming cherry blossoms beneath a full moon.


SHIKIZAKURA is directed by Shinya Sugai and Go Kurasaki and features animation production by SUBLIMATION. The series is scheduled to broadcast beginning in 2021.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © Shikizakura Production Committee


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