The Next Test Is Teased in New Episode 7 Visuals and Synopsis for Tower of God TV Anime

Learn what happened after Anaak and Endorsi's fight

Tower of God


A new test is about to begin in the Tower of God TV anime and to celebrate, six new exclusive screenshots from the upcoming episode 'Lunch and Tag' have been released alongside the official synopsis of the upcoming episode 7. 


Tower of God


Tower of God


Tower of God


Tower of God


Tower of God


The synopsis for episode 7 'Lunch and Tag' reads:


Several days have passed since Anaak and Endorsi's feud came to a total stop.

As the next "Tag" test is about to begin, dark clouds begin gathering around Bam again.


Tower of God is a Crunchyroll Original, streaming weekly on the platform every Wednesday just after its Japanese broadcast.


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