BanG Dream! Violin Rock Band Morfonica Chosen as Tower Records Japan's Recommended Artist of May 2020

Their debut single "Daylight" hits Japanese stores May 27



Tower Records Japan announced today that Morfonica, the five-member violin rock band from Bushiroad's mixed-media franchise BanG Dream!, is chosen as the recommended artist of May 2020. The monthly recommended artists are picked up by the Tower Records staff nationwide based on their own ears and intuition.


The band's first single "Daylight" to be released on May 27 is introduced as below:


"BanG Dream! is the next generation girls band project that has developed various mixed-media works, such as anime, games, comics, and real live performances by voice actresses. Morfonica is a violin rock band that newly joined the smartphone game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, which is the project's central media. Don't underestimate them just as a band in a game. Ayasa, who is in charge of the violin, has solid skills and worked as a backup musician for Aya Yamamoto and other famous singers. This single has a high affinity with fans of symphonic music and is a notable first work by a real band. "





Morfonica members: 


  • Mashiro Kurata (vocal): Amane Shindo (Caro in Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale
  • Toko Kirigaya (guitar): Hina Suguta (Haruka in Afterlost)
  • Nanami Hiromachi (bass): Yuuka Nishio (Yuu Higashiyama in ReBirth for You
  • Tsukushi Futaba (drums): mika 
  • Rui Yashio (violin): Ayasa 



"Daylight" MV:



Anime MV:



Latest 30-second CM:


Morfonica band visual:



Character visual:



"Daylight"  CD single jacket illustration:




Source: Bushiroad press release


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