TV Anime 1st OP "Daydream café" Tops Is the Order a Rabbit? Song Official Popularity Poll

The first two seasons of its TV anime series are available on Crunchyroll




During the Golden Week Holiday period between April 29 and May 6, the official website for the Is the Order a Rabbit? anime franchise held a popularity poll to ask fans their favorite songs in the franchise. The result was revealed today and the most voted song was "Daydream café," the OP theme for the TV anime first season.


Based on this result, a new compilation CD will be released soon. Check out how popular your favorite GochiUsa song with the top 30 list below.





1. "Daydream café" by Petit Rabbit's (TV anime 1st season OP) 




2. "No Poi!" by Petit Rabbit's (TV anime 2nd season OP)



3. "Sekai ga Café ni Nacchatta!" by Petit Rabbit’s with beans (Is the Order a Rabbit?? -Dear My Sister- theme song)



4. "Tokimeki Poporon♪" by Chimame-tai

5. "Mahou Shoujo Chino" by Chino

6. "Poppin' Jump♪" by Chimame-tai

7. "Caffeine Fighter" by Syaro

8. "Nichijo Decoration" by Petit Rabbit’s

9. "E wo Sagasu Nichijyo" by Rize & Syaro

10. "Kirameki Cafe Time" by Cocoa, Chino, Rize

11. "Nantonaku Mirai" by Petit Rabbit's

12. "WELCOME 【U・Sa!】" by Cocoa

13. "Happiness Encore" by Petit Rabbit's

13. "Honjitsu wa Makoto ni Rarirurain" by Cocoa, Chino Rize, Chiya, Syaro, Maya, Megu

15. "Takarabako no Jet Coaster" by Petit Rabbit's

16. "Nikkori Cafe no Mahoutsukai" by Petit Rabbit's

17. "Mirai Pazzle" by Chino

18. "Hitosaji no Ohimesama Monogatari Icecream Fantasia" by Petit Rabbit’s

19. "VS My Pace?" by Chino, Rize, Syaro

20. "@Guuru Guru World@" by Sharo

21. "Usagi ni Natta Barista" by Aoyama Blue Mountain

22. "Rabbit Hole" by Cocoa & Rize

23. "Dear Me" by Rize

23. "Kaitou Lapin -The Phantom Thief Lapin-" by Syaro

25. "Okashi na Yume wo Ohitotsu Douzo" by Chino

26. "Waai Waai Try!" by Cocoa

27. "Non Peace My Pace" by Cocoa & Chiya

28. "Zentankougata Irasshaimase" by Cocoa & Cgino

29. "Ashita Genki ni Naare!" by Chino

30. "CANDY COLOR DAYS" by Chimame-tai



Both of the TV anime first season Is the Order a Rabbit? and the second season Is the Order a Rabbit?? are available on Crunchyroll. The third season Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM has been already in the works for a premiere in October 2020.




Source: TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit?" official website / Twitter


©Koi, HOUBUNSHA/Gochiusa Partners


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