Love Live! Sunshine!! Idols Take Aim as the Latest AQUA SHOOTERS! Figures

Bandai's water-gunning IP introduces school idols to its line


The girls of Aqours are ready for summer!


Premium Bandai's Aqua Shooters! line features 75mm-tall posable figures made at better-than-Gashapon quality. The characters featured are players in the fictional VR game AQUA GAME, and armed accordingly with aqua artillery.



The first set of figures in the Aqours Shooters! figure subset features the idols of sub-unit CYaRon!: You, Chika, and Ruby. Each figure is uniquely scaled to match their respective heights and builds. Each comes armed with a color-coded water pistol, and also has extra face plates for more expressions. You also has her glasses!



Ordering through Premium Bandai will also get you a bonus: a CYaRon! Aqours Shooters! illustrated card.



If you're looking for the rest of the group, don't worry: the girls of AZALEA and Guilty Kiss will be getting their own sets this summer:



The full set of CYaRon! idols is 6,600 yen (about $61.18). Pre-orders are now open, with orders set to start shipping out in June.


>> Aqours SHOOTERS! from Premium Bandai

Source: Anime! Anime!



Live your idol dreams: watch Love Live! Sunshine!! on Crunchyroll!


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