PROMARE Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary in Style With Hot New Visuals and Steamy Storyboards

Unit director Yoshiyuki Kaneko celebrates with special drawing



It's the 1st anniversary of Studio TRIGGER's PROMARE being released in cinemas in Japan, and to celebrate the day, the anime studio, staff, and fans are having a firey day full of PROMARE-related activities, including the watching of the anime film at home with a live-tweeting watch along session. But just before the hot event started, the official Twitter account for the film announced a limited edition storyboard book, aptly named the 'PROMARE HYPER FIRE STORYBOARD BOOK,' to be released on TRIGGER's online shop.


Unit director Yoshiyuki Kaneko celebrating the live-tweet watching event with own special drawing:



Promare visual


A new 1st-anniversary key visual drawn by character designer Shigeto Koyama:



Promare visual


The official PROMARE Twitter account teasing the new 'PROMARE HYPER FIRE STORYBOARD BOOK':




The 'PROMARE HYPER FIRE STORYBOARD BOOK' will start reservations on the Japanese TRIGGER Online Store starting midday (Japan Time) on May 25. While the store doesn't ship internationally, TRIGGER do have an international store, though it hasn't been announced if the book will be released on there as well as the Japanese one.


PROMARE released on DVD/Blu-ray in the United States on May 19, and the film is currently streaming on platforms around the world for a limited time to celebrate the anime film's 1st anniversary.


Source: PROMARE on Twitter


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