Tower of God Anime Thanks Everyone for Support with Global Fan Art Campaign

Help celebrate the anime run of Tower of God with fans around the globe!

Tower of God Global Fan Art Campaign


As the Tower of God anime—which adapts the hit WEBTOON series by SIU—speeds toward its climax, the folks behind the series want to thank everyone for watching and supporting the adventure. To do so in style they're kicking off the special Thank You Campaign with a Global Fan Art contest for fans in Japan, America, Europe, and other countries around the world. 


Original Tower of God author SIU will be selecting "Regulars" (winners) from the submissions along with anime character designers Masashi Kudo and Miho Tanino. Those selected will receive an illustration of the characters or a scenario of their choosing* from SIU, Masashi Kudo, and Miho Tanino. (* Note that it may be difficult to fulfill some requests.)


Winners will be contacted by Twitter DM to their personal account so please follow the official Twitter @anime_ToG or allow DM messages through your account settings.



Submission dates: June 8th, 2020 ~ June 22nd, 2020 


Theme: As long as it's a "Tower of God" illustration, anything goes! We welcome any world views! Draw your favorite characters and submit them!


How to submit your work:

  • (Required) Tweet your original "Tower of God" illustration with the hashtags #tog_fanart and #CR for all CR territories 
  • Include the characters (maximum 3) or situation (e.g. Bam, Khun, and Rak eating cake together) you would like to request if selected as a winner in the body of your Tweet.
  • Include hashtags such as #towerofgod or #tog so your work will be seen by more "Tower of God" fans.



1 Grand Prize Winner (chosen by original author SIU)

  • Digital illustration of winner's request and message of gratitude from SIU
  • Work published on WEBTOON and anime-related official websites and social media

2 Second Place Winners (chosen by TV anime "Tower of God" character designers Kudo Masashi and Tanino Miho)

  • Digital illustration of winner's request and message of gratitude from Mr. Kudo and Ms. Tanino (1 per person)
  • Work published on WEBTOON and anime-related official websites and social media


Regular Prize Winners (2 per region)

  • Work published on WEBTOON and anime-related official websites and social media

By submitting your work to this campaign, you agree to the terms of submission. Please read all the articles below.





Sponsorship, management:

  • This campaign is jointly sponsored and operated by Rialto Entertainment, Inc. and Ellation, Inc. Rialto Entertainment, Inc. is responsible for sponsorship and management within Japan, and Ellation, Inc. is responsible for sponsorship and management in other regions. Twitter, Inc. is not involved in this campaign.
  • When submitting their work, entrants will follow the methods of operation determined by the sponsors and may not object to said methods of operation.


Submission, contribution:

  • Entrants agree to these terms and any other submission requirements or notices determined by the sponsors when submitting work to this contest.
  • Only work submitted by the application deadline according to the methods determined by the sponsors will be considered.
  • Submission formats are limited to PNG and JPG.
  • Both professionals and amateurs can submit work.
  • Group submissions and multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Following the official TV anime "Tower of God" Twitter account is a condition for entry. If the account is unfollowed before winners are announced, the entry is disqualified.
  • Twitter accounts must be unlocked (not set to private).
  • Sponsors will send notifications or correspondence relating to this campaign and prizes to personal accounts by Twitter DM. In the event that a winner cannot be contacted, the sponsors may revoke prizes.
  • For entrants under the age of 20, please submit your work with the consent of your legal guardian or other legal representative. Entrants may be disqualified or have prizes revoked without their consent.
  • Submitting work to the campaign with the intention of posting or selling prizes on internet auctions is prohibited. If an entrant is determined to have said intentions, their prizes and submission will be considered fraudulent and be disqualified.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred to a third party.


Submitted work:

  • Submissions are limited to fan art featuring the WEBTOON series “Tower of God” or TV anime "Tower of God" as their subject. Elements relating to other works (such as characters or logos) must not be included.
  • Works that may infringe upon third party intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, or other rights may not be submitted.
  • Plagiarized works and works submitted to other campaigns or contests (duplicates) are prohibited.
  • Submissions violating public order and morality or that are defamatory is prohibited.
  • Submissions violating Twitter's terms of service are prohibited.
  • Any other submissions deemed inappropriate by the sponsors may be disqualified or have prizes revoked.


Treatment of submitted work:

  • All copyright and other intellectual property rights will be returned to the entrant who created the submission.
  • Entrants agree not to exercise their right to avoid defamation, right to privacy, right to make a work public, right to indicate name, right to preserve integrity, or any other personal right against the sponsors or company affiliated with "Tower of God."
  • Sponsors and companies affiliated with "Tower of God" may use submissions (whether winners or not) on this website or websites, social media services, and press releases operated by companies affiliated with the original work or anime free of charge without the prior consent of the entrant and may make necessary modifications or changes. As necessary, the entrant's name, username, or written submission may be omitted or partially modified.
  • Sponsors and companies affiliated with "Tower of God" may reproduce or use submissions (whether winners or not) in documents for use by parties involved in the anime free of charge without the prior consent of the entrant.
  • The commercial use of illustrations submitted by an entrant is prohibited.



  • This company is not responsible for any problems that may occur during the campaign.
  • Sponsors are not responsible for the lawfulness or accuracy of works submitted by entrants.
  • Sponsors are not obligated to view, save, or delete the actions or submissions of entrants.
  • This campaign may be canceled or changed without notice.


Treatment of personal information:

  • In Japan, personal information will be treated according to the Rialto Entertainment, Inc. privacy policy (including cases in which personal information is entrusted to third parties).


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