Virtual Maid Cafe "Virtual @Home Cafe" to Open Online This Summer

The main concept: "Forget about the real world, be who you want to be."



Tokyo-based company Infinia, known for its successful maid cafe chain "@Home Cafe," will open "Virtual @Home Cafe" in the online virtual space worldwide this summer. It will be the cafe's virtual version featuring 3D maid characters. Customers wearing an avatar will be able to communicate with them online. The maid characters are designed by Ankotaku (Onsen Musume, Hatsune Miku Birthday Party in Nanba&Sibuya Marui).


The press release writes:


You access the virtual space from your smartphone and transform into "Goshujin-sama (Master) / Ojyou-sama (My Lady) in an avatar. Then, you can enjoy conversations, playing games, and taking pictures with cute maids who have become virtual characters. You don't need to come to the @Home Cafe stores in Akihabara and Osaka to experience the feeling of being "Goshujin-sama / Ojyou-sama." Through "Virtual @Home Cafe," which has evolved over the past 20 years since the birth of the maid cafe, we will bring the ultimate "virtual moe" to you.


And the company explains its main concept as:


"Forget about the real world, be who you want to be, and talk about whatever you want. This is the new form of communication we propose."



Concept movie:









Source: Infinia press release


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