Team Rocket Invades Pokémon GO for a Limited Time

Do battle with Jesse and James for a limited time in Niantic's augmented reality smart phone game

A promotional image for the Pokémon GO Team Rocket limited event by Niantic, featuring Jesse and James posing with their Meowth-shaped balloon.


For a limited time, players of Niantic's Pokémon GO smart phone game can prepare for trouble (and make it double) by challenging two suspicious representatives from Team Rocket: Jesse and James (known as Musashi and Kojiro in the Japanese version).



While the event lasts, players can discover Team Rocket's Meowth-shaped balloon on their maps and tap on it to initiate Poké-battle with Jessie and James. The event also allows players to take on Team GO Rocket as part of the GO Fest Weekly Challenge: Battle Timed Research, and while the event lasts, Jesse and James-themed avatars will be available for purchase in the game's online shop.


Source: Official Pokémon Go home page


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