Ace Attorney Video Game Director Takeshi Yamazaki 'Graduates' From Capcom

Yamazaki has been with Capcom for over 15 years

Ace Attorney


Takeshi Yamazaki, who has been the lead on the mainline Ace Attorney games at Capcom since Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, announced on his Twitter account on July 11 that he'll is "graduating" from the video game developer after working there for over 15 years. Yamazaki took over the franchise from series creator Shu Takumi in 2009 and only took a step back in 2016's Spirit of Justice, sharing directorial duties with Fuse, and just working on the script and scenario.



Yamazaki says that because he's sad to leave Capcom, he'll be calling the departure a "graduation" rather than a "resignation." He explains that he'll continue to develop video games and will be taking on new challenges and is "really excited" for whatever comes next.


Source: Yamazaki on Twitter via Sillionera 


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