Anison Supergroup JAM Project Streams 20th Anniversary Concert Tomorrow

Global broadcast will be preceded by messages from the band members

JAM Project


Anison supergroup JAM Project—the group behind epic music for Super Robot WarsOne Punch ManGARO, and much more—celebrates their 20th anniversary today! The group was forced to cancel their April anniversary concert, but will be performing for their fans online tomorrow instead.


The streamed concert will be titled "JAM Project 20th Anniversary Special: Thank you so, so much! -Singing Together-" and take place tomorrow, July 18, at 6:30 pm JST. Prior to the broadcast, the channel will stream last year's "JAM Project Special Live 2019 A-ROCK," followed by video messages by the cast.



Orders will also open tomorrow for new fan goods, including a shirt for the live stream concert, a scrunchie, and a "MOTTO MOTTO" cap and shoulder bag:



At present, JAM Project features Hironobu Kageyama (theme singer for Dragon Ball Z), Masaaki Endoh (theme singer for GaoGaiGar), Hiroshi Kitadani (theme singer for One Piece), Masami Okui (theme singer for Revolutionary Girl Utena), and Yoshiki Fukuyama (singing voice of Nekki Basara in Macross 7). 


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