Hiro Shimono & Yūki Kaji Join the Cast of To-totsuni Egypt Shin Anime

Character previews revealed for Thoth and Anubis in upcoming adaptation of yuka's mascot characters

The Egyptian deity, Thoth, is a brainy fellow wearing a graduation cap in a scene from the upcoming To-totsuni Egypt Kami anime.


Voice actors Hiro Shimono and Yūki Kaji are lending their talents to To-totsuni Egypt Shin, an upcoming anime adaptation based on the social media mascot characters created by yuka that re-imagine the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt as lovable little moe blobs. Hiro Shimono plays Anubis, while Yūki Kaji plays Thoth.


A pair of preview videos were also published for the characters:




Set in a world where the gods of ancient Egypt live free and lackadaisical lives, To-totsuni Egypt Shin follows the everyday adventures of the Egyptian pantheon, including: Bastet, who loves to sing and dance; Medjed, who is always expressionless; Horus, who works a part-time job; Set, who loves causing mischief; and Ra, who tends to set out on journeys and then come back half-way through them.


The main staff and the release date for To-totsuni Egypt Shin have not yet been revealed.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © yuka / To-totsuni Egypt Shin Project


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