Inuyasha Café Dishes up Demonic Delights This Summer

Parco's The Guest will offer three locations with special menus and goods

Inuyasha Cafe, opening soon at three locations across Japan


With Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon on the way, all eyes are back on Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha. If you're feeling nostalgic for the feudal fairy tale, there's good news: The Guest is opening up a trio of collab cafés across Japan themed to the series!


The cafés' limited-time menu will feature food and drinks inspired by the stars of the series. Dip in for an Inuyasha beef sandwich (featuring a paper replica of his iconic sword), a refreshing pasta cold plate themed to Sesshomaru, Koga's Whirlwind ham-and-cheese kadaif plate, or Shippo's baked curry—just to name a few:



There are sweet drinks to enjoy, like ice cream floats inspired by the show's legendary weapons, Kikyo iced tea, and a range of character art lattes:



Among the many desserts are a "Sit!" parfait (where you push Inuyasha deeper into the "ground" as you eat), Kazaana's Wind Tunnel Chocolate Cake, and a "Final Battle with Naraku" mousse plate:



Diners will get special placemats and coasters with their orders:



And, of course, there are limited-edition goods to buy—plus, each location will have its own collectible sticker, giving you more reason to hit up all three venues:



The Inuyasha Café launches July 30 in Osaka, with the Tokyo and Nagoya locations opening August 6 and October 8, respectively. Each will be open for just a few weeks. Meanwhile, Yashahime is still on course for a fall 2020 premiere.


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Source: Sora News 24



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