Wake Up with Heroine Voices of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Alarm Clocks

TV anime third season "Climax!" is now simulcast on Crunchyroll



Animate group's anime character merchandise company MOVIC will release three-type alarm clocks featuring wake-up voices of the three main heroines of the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU anime franchise: Yukino Yukinoshita (CV: Saori Hayami), Yui Yuigahama (Nao Toyama), and Iroha Isshiki (Ayane Sakura). All of their voices are newly recorded by the original voice actresses.


The price for the three built-to-order items is 7,700 yen (about 72 US dollars). Orders will be received between July 22 and August 5, and their scheduled shipping date is October 23.



Yukino Yukinoshita alarm clock:


Wake-up voice A: "It's already morning. How long are you going to sleep in idleness? The right to good sleep is the right of anyone who's made that effort without good sleep before then. Have you ever made such an effort.., is the word 'effort' even in your dictionary in the first place?"



Yui Yuigahama alarm clock:


Wake-up voice  A: "Yahallo! It's morning! So why do you close your eyes again? Eat the breakfast I made, and let's have a great day!" 




Iroha Isshiki alarm clock:


Wake-up voice A: "Senpai! Good morning! I baked some cookies for you, so we can eat them later? Do you have a thing for me? I'm sorry, I like older people than me a lot, but it's impossible♪"  






The highly-anticipated TV anime third season My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax! is simulcast on Cruncnuroll to its members in United States of America, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and the countries comprising Latin America.




Source: MOVIC press release




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