Pottery-themed TV Anime Yakunara Mug Cup Mo Announces Main Staff, VAs, and Teaser Visual

Jun Kamiya (Hikaru no Go, Kingdom) serves as director at Nippon Animation




Following the initial announcement back in February, the official website for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of a pottery-themed manga Yakunara Mug Cup Mo has announced its main staff and voice cast members, along with a teaser visual introducing its four main characters.


The manga about high school girls and the Togei-bu (pottery club) set in Tajimi-city, Gifu Prefecture was launched in 2011 as part of the project by volunteers and companies in the city to revitalize the region. It has been released as a free comic four times a year, and so far 32 chapters have been available online.


Jun Kamiya (Hikaru no Go, Kingdom) is attached to direct the adaptation, alongside series composition writer Naruhisa Arakawa (This Art Club Has a Problem!, ISLAND) and character designer/chief animation director Ayano Yoshioka (Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern). Nippon Animation works on anime production in cooperation with Tajimi-city and Tajimi-city Touring Association.



Main voice cast: 


  • Himeno Toyokawa: Minami Tanaka (Lily Hoshikawa in Zombie Land Saga)
  • Mika Kukuri: Yu Serizawa (Mirei Minami in PriPara, Ueno in How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno)
  • Naoko Naruse: Yuuki Wakai (Reona West in PriPara, Maria von Messina in Wise Man's Grandchild)
  • Toko Aoki: Rina Honizumi (Saaya Yakushiji/Cure Ange in Hugtto! PreCure)




The city of Tajimi, located in the southern part of Gif Prefecture, Japan, is famous for Mino earthenware. The city is dotted with historical pottery producers and ceramic art museums. It has facilities where you can try your hand at making pottery, and many restaurants that serve food on Minoware dishes. The story begins when a high school girl moves to a shopping street in Tajimi. Many encounters await her, friends, town folk, ceramic art, etc. What will she discover in a town famous for ceramic?



Teaser visual:




Source: TV anime "Yakunara Mug Cup Mo" official website / Twitter


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