Dream Along With A Certain Scientific Railgun T's New ED From Sajou no Hana on YouTube

The full ED was released on the ToAru Project YouTube account

A Certain Scientific Railgun T 


While A Certain Scientific Railgun T's ending themes aren't as action-orientated as it's opening themes from fripSide, they help cap off the electrifying episodes and spark some calmness in viewers after watching the girls from Academy City went through in the previous 24 minutes. The newest ending, "Seiran no Ato de" (After the Blue Storm) from sajou no hana, once again lets us relax after the intense episodes. 



The full ending theme for the latest arc of A Certain Scientific Railgun T was released on YouTube on August 1 from the ToAru Project channel, the official YouTube channel for the franchise, which lets us watch, and rewatch, the ending theme when we feel like it.


The single for "Seiran no Ato de" (After the Blue Storm)"was scheduled to be released on June 2 but was delayed to August 19 after the TV anime series was also postponed from COVID-19 related reasons. The insert song,  "Koko ni Itai" (I want to be here), from episode 15, which was also sung by sajou no hana, will also be released on the CD single after being released on digital platforms on May 15.



A Certain Scientific Railgun T is officially back from its hiatus and ready to shock the world in its latest arc, Dream Ranker. You can catch all the episodes right here on Crunchyroll straight from Japan!


Source: ToAru Project on YouTube


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