Fourth REBORN! Stage Play Brings on Flashy New Cast Members

Upcoming performance will be based on the shonen series's tie-in light novels

The leading cast of the upcoming REBORN! stage show


Shonen mobster action series REBORN! is returning to the stage this November, and eleven new cast members have joined the core cast!


The new play, SECRET BULLET, is based on stories from the series's tie-in light novels, written by Hideaki Koyasu and illustrated by series creator Akira Amano. The two stories, "Bucking Horse Stampede!" and "X-Fiamma," give the history of Cavallone boss Dino (played by Takeshi James Yamada) and former Varia boss Xanxus (played by Kohei Hayashida).


Joining the cast are:

  • Shungo Tasaki as Superbia Squalo
  • Katsuya Takagi as Lussuria
  • Shoichiro Oomi and Yuta Higuchi as Belphegor
  • Takanori Yamaki as Levi A Than
  • Chihiro Kai as Mammon
  • Shoma Kudo as Vecchio Moska
  • Shouma Yamamoto as Ottavio
  • Kenta Nitta as Romario
  • Ire Shiozaki as Tigre
  • Yasuhisa Kato as Cavallone IX


Check them out in all their glory:



The cast members will be joining the previously announced returning cast, including Neeko reprising her anime and stage role as Reborn.


REBORN! the STAGE -SECRET BULLET- is scheduled to be performed in Tokyo from November 7-15, and then in Kyoto from November 19-22.




Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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