Aikatsu! Franchise to Launch Live-action & Anime Hybrid New Series "Aikatsu Planet!" in January 2021

The eight main cast members will form an idol unit "STARRY PLANET☆"



Details about the Aikatsu! franchise's new series was finally revealed in the special web program "Bandai x BN Pictures Festival" streamed last night. The title of the new series that is set to premiere in January 2021 is Aikatsu Planet!, and it will be a live-action and animation hybrid TV program.





Its story is set in Aikatsu Planet, a world where everyone can become cute idols using an avatar. While spending school life, the main characters are aiming to become top idols. Everyday parts such as the main character's school life will be filmed in live-action, and the Aikatsu Planet! world will be drawn in anime and 3DCG (like the previous series). The live-action part's cast members will form a unit "STARRY PLANET*" and perform as idols at events and on YouTube. A new Data Carddass game linked to the TV series, "Data Carddass Aikatsu Planet!" is also scheduled to begin its service this winter.


The show follows an ordinary girl Mao Otoha who goes to Seirei High School. One day, she happens to begin her activity as the top idol Hana in Aikatsu Planet, in place of Meisa Hinata, who suddenly disappeared. But Mao has to keep the secret that now she is using the avatar of Hana. The Aikatsu Planet! idols can dress up in fashionable and cute dresses by using the item Swing, which is inhabited by the dress fairy Dresia. Mao, who has become Hana, uses the Swing to fight against her rivals in the exciting battle stages.


Ryuichi Kimura, who directed the first Aikatsu! TV series in 2012-2016, serves as general director/director, alongside series composition writer Misuzu Chiba (Crossing Time) and character designer Risa Miyatani (Aikatsu Friends!, Aikatsu on Parade! design works). Tohoku Shinsha produces the program's live-action part.  



Main Cast:


  • Mao Otoha / Hana : Kaaya Date
  • Ruli Tamaki / Ruli: Rio Ogura
  • Kyoko Umekoji / Beat: Shizune Nagao
  • Shiori Motoya / Shiori: Rion Watanabe
  • Ayumi Tsukishiro /Q-Pit: Mizuki
  • Ann Kurimu / Ann: Amy
  • Meisa Hinata / Rose: Narumi Uno
  • Sala Itoi / Sala: Riruka Uno




Key visual:




"Aikatsu Planet!" part from "Bandai x BN Pictures Festival":



Kaaya Date (Mao Otoha / Hana)'s self-introduction video:



"Data Carddass Aikatsu Planet!" PV:





Source: Bandai Namco Pictures press release, "Aikatsu Planet!" official website, Aikatsu Planet! Station YouTube channel




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