Kyoto Animation Suspends Kyoto Animation Awards Until Further Notice

The 11th Kyoto Animation Awards were canceled last year after the arson attack on the studio

After suspending the 11th Kyoto Animation Awards last November in the aftermath of the arson attack on the studio in July 2019, Kyoto Animation announced on August 13 through their website that it had considered rehosting the award event in 2020, but "as a result of comprehensive consideration" have decided to suspend the event until further notice.


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Kyoto Animation stressed in the blog post on its website that if a manuscript or idea is sent to the studio, they will not accept it and that they are "not obligated to review, evaluate, or adopt the ideas" what gets sent to the studio. Kyoto Animation will discard anything that is set to them without opening it.


Source: Kyoto Animation's website



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