Virtual Artist Kizuna AI & KAF's Collaboration Single to be Released on September 23

The CD jacket illustrations are drawn by the two virtual characters' original designers



BOOTH, a general market for creative works in conjunction with pixiv, has started accepting pre-orders for a collaboration single "Ai to Hana" (Love and Flowers) by two famous virtual artists, Kizuna AI and KAF. This collaboration project was announced in Kamistubaki Studio (KAF's label)'s web program "Hanatachi to Tsubaki to Kimi." on July 30 and has been attracting a lot of attention from their fans.


The single is set to be released in two editions on September 23, 2020. The two original duet songs newly recorded for it are "Loveshii" written/composed/arranged by Enon Kawatani (Gesu no Kiwami Otome) and "Karisome" written by PON (ORESAMA) and composed/arranged by Hideya Kojima (ORESAMA). In addition, "VMZ RADIO" featuring the two's talk inspired by Kizuna AI's music program "VMZ" will be also included.


The two CD jacket illustrations are newly drawn by the two virtual characters' original designers: En Morikura for "-AI edition-" and PALOW for "-KAF edition-." 



"Ai to Hana -AI edition-"




"Ai to Hana -KAF edition-"




Kizuna AI official visual:



Kizuna AI's latest MV "Again":  



KAF official visual:


KAF's latest MV "Hissei-yo":



Source: Kizuna AI Inc. press release


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