Yū Kobayashi Busts a Move as Bastet in To-totsuni Egypt Shin Anime

Character preview published for upcoming adaptation based on mascot characters by yuka

Bastet, an Egyptian goddess with the body of a cat, dances enthusiastically in a scene from the upcoming To-totsuni Egypt Kami TV anime.


Voice actress Yū Kobayashi is lending her talents to the cat-headed goddess Bastet in To-totsuni Egypt Shin, an upcoming anime adaptation based on the social media mascot characters by yuka that re-imagine the deities of ancient Egypt as adorable little goobers. In the series, Bastet loves to sing and dance, but she is also easily bored and she loves to take cat-naps whenever the mood strikes her.



Set in a world where the gods of ancient Egypt live free and lackadaisical lives, To-totsuni Egypt Shin follows the everyday adventures of the Egyptian pantheon, including: Bastet, who loves to sing and dance; Medjed, who is always expressionless; Horus, who works a part-time job; Set, who loves causing mischief; and Ra, who tends to set out on journeys and then come back half-way through them.


The main staff and the release date for To-totsuni Egypt Shin have not yet been revealed.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © yuka / To-totsuni Egypt Shin Project


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