To-Totsuni Egypt Shin Rounds Out Its Precious Pantheon

Shota Aoi, Yukari Tamura, and more join the adorable cast

To-Totsuni Egypt Kami


They're smol, they're cute, and they'll guide your soul to the underworld. Once they've had a nap.


Mascot anime series To-Totsuni Egypt Shin has rounded out its cast with nine new additions, all revealed in the show's latest PV. Actor and tarento Tomoya Nakamura (most recently the lead in Akiko Higashimura's Gourmet Detective Goro Akechi) will be narrating the series, which reimagines the Egyptian pantheon as cuddly, lackadaisical little cuties.


The stars of To-Totsumi Egypt Kami


Check out the new trailer, with the latest casting announcements and a look at the cast's godly antics:



Also joining the cast will be:


Hikaru Midorikawa (Heero Yuy in Gundam Wing) as Medjed

Hikaru Midorikawa as the ghostly Medjed


Nobunaga Shimazaki (Yuno in Black Clover) as Horus

Nobunaga Shimazaki and Horus


Hiroyuki Yoshino (Present Mic in My Hero Academia) as Set

Hiroyuki Yoshino and Set


Kenjiro Tsuda (Joker in Fire Force) as Ra

Kenjiro Tsuda and Ra


Koji Yusa (Brain Unglaus in Overlord) as Apep

Koji Yusa and Apep


Daisuke Namikawa (Goemon Ishikawa in Lupin the 3rd) as Khnum

Daisuke Namikawa and Khnum


Yukari Tamura (Rika Furude in Higurashi: When They Cry) as Sa-ta

Yukari Tamura and Sa-ta


Shouta Aoi (Gerald Stuart in My Next Life as a Villainess) as Wenet

Shouta Aoi and Wenet


The new cast members join the aforementioned Hiro Shimono, Yūki Kaji, and Yū Kobayashi


To-Totsuni Egypt Shin is based on social media mascot characters created by artist yuka. It will be distributed on ABEMA, YouTube, Bandai Channel, and more streaming services starting in December.


>> To-Totsuni Egypt Shin Website

>> To-Totsuni Egypt Shin Twitter


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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