Check Out Chimame-tai's Cute Voices in Is The Order a Rabbit? 3rd Season ED Theme Preview

The highly-anticipated new season is set to launch on October 10, 2020



Following the OP theme song "Tenku Cafeteria" (Sky Cafeteria) by Petit Rabbit's, the official website for the Is the Order a Rabbit? TV anime franchise has posted a 90-second preview video for the ED theme song "Nakayoshi! ○ (Maru)! Nakayoshi!" for its forthcoming third season BLOOM. Same as the previous two seasons, the song is performed by the franchise's trio unit Chimame-tai.


The unit consists of Chino Kafuu (CV: Inori Minase), Maya Jouga (Sora Tokui), and Megumi Natsu (Rie Murakawa), and have performed "Poppin' Jump♪" for the first season and "Tokimeki Poporon♪" for the second. The music of the new ED song is composed by Tomotaka Osumi, who previously worked on "Tokimeki Poporon♪", while the lyrics are written by Aki Hata, best known for her works for the Love Love! franchise. The CD also includes another new song "Wao Wao Dobutsuen" written by Aki and composed by Shigenobu Okawa, as well as the three solo versions of the title song.


The CD singles of the OP and the ED theme songs will be released simultaneously on October 28, 2020. Following the first season in 2014 and the second season in 2015, the much-awaited TV anime third season is set to premiere in Japan on October 10, 2020. 



"Nakayoshi! ○ (Maru)! Nakayoshi!" preview:




Their first full album "chimame march" CD jacket: (November 25, 2016 release):




The VA unit Petit Rabbit's members are CoCoa (Ayane Sakura), Chino (Inori Minase), Rize (Risa Taneda), Chiya (Satomi Sato), and Shyaro (Maaya Uchida). They performed the OP theme song "Daydream café" for the first season and "No Poi!" for the second. 



OP theme "Tenku Cafeteria" preview:



"Is The Order a Rabbit? BLOOM" teaser PV:


Key visual:



Source: TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit?" official website


©Koi, HOUBUNSHA/Gochiusa Partners


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