PIKA to PIKO Collaboration Music Video Releases, Shocking No One Other than PIKO TARO

PPAP singer collaborates with the world's biggest franchise, Pokémon!



If you told me a month ago we'd be capping off August 2020 with a collaboration between PIKOTARO and Pikachu, I would have said you were crazy! But this is 2020, and weirder things have happened, so let's just enjoy the music video for 'PIKA to PIKO', which was released on August 31 during the ending moments of the Pokémon Virtual Fest.



As previously reported, PIKOTARO "always felt a connection with Pikachu" due to sharing the same color, and "was dreaming of a way to collaborate with Pikachu." The song was arranged by KOSAKA DAIMAOU, who has been working with PIKOTARO on the comedians 2020 songs 'PPAP 2020', 'Hoppin' Flappin'', and 'Sukiyaki.'


Source: Press Release


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