Sponsored Post: Arknights Updates New Vignette Series - Stories of Afternoon, Expanding Side Stories About Daily Life in Rhodes Island

Six part series expands on fan favorite Operators with in-game bonuses

September 1st, 2020 - Shanghai, China - Arknights extends its worldview by launching another side story event – Stories of Afternoon. Players will be able to take a sneak peek at Rhodes Island’s daily life by revealing immersive interactions between different Operators.


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Similar to Operational Intelligence, Stories of Afternoon is another part of the Vignette Series, which shares 6 individual stories, known as “Let’s Throw a Party”; “Diary”; “Today’s Kitchen”; “The Wanderer’s Home”; “Asking for Trouble”; “Moving Forward”. Each of these stories introduces a special occasion of various operators and their connections with each other. 



Along with the side story “The Wanderer's Home”, players will get to know more about Ceobe, the new 6-star Caster in this event, and her early days when she first came to Rhodes Island. Although Ceobe still has more to learn in Rhodes Island, she could be a really powerful ally on the battleground. As a single-target Caster, her skills make it possible to take down different enemies much faster compare to her peers. Besides Ceobe, another 5-star Caster Leizi is added into the recruitment as well. Leizi’s trait allows her attacks to jump between enemies and stun them for a short time.



Following the storyline of Diary, where Ptilopsis restores her memories and past experience, Ptilopsis will receive one of her favorite casual outfits “Serenity” in the event as well. With this elegant and exquisite outfit, players will be able to imagine how Ptilopsis’ site inspection operation is like. On top of that, players can collect Canteen Soup Tickets to trade for her outfit for free.



Meanwhile, the limited-time Collection “Cambrian 1096” re-edition has returned to the outfit store again, including Winter Messenger for Texas, Undercurrent for Specter and New Routes for Courier. Don’t forget to get it if you missed the chance last time.


Check out the Stories of Afternoon trailer now: 


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