Japan Box Office: Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Ⅲ Moves Up One Spot in Its 4th Weekend

"Cells at Work!" film makes its 10th place debut



In its fourth weekend, Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Ⅲ.spring song moved up one spot from last week's sixth. This resurgence is likely thanks to the 4DX/MX4D screenings that began last Friday


The third and final chapter of the trilogy anime film project based on the third route of Type-Moon's visual novel Fate/stay night was opened in 156 theaters in Japan on August 15, 2020. From September 4, 82 theaters also started its 4DX/MX4D screenings, which offered the advanced motion seating along with wind, mist, fog, lighting, and even smell effects. And as a bonus, the special screenings' audiences receive two-type special postcards newly drawn by ufotable.


Last weekend's only new anime film, Hataraku Saibou: Saikyo no Teki, Futatabi. Karada no Naka wa "Cho" osawagi! (Cells at Work!: The Return of the Strongest Enemy. A Huge Uproar Inside the Body’s Bowels!) was released in 103 theaters on September 5, 2020, along with a short episode Kesshouban Eigakan he Iku (Platelets Go to a Movie Theater). The advance screening of events from the forthcoming TV anime second season, which was told in the manga's fifth volume, made its 10th place debut in its opening weekend.


And, given, the 59-minute sequel film to the 11-episode TV anime of the same name, had still kept its No.1 position in Kogyotsushinsha's mini-theater ranking for three consecutive weeks.




 Weekend box office in Japan (September 5-6, 2020)

 (ticket sales basis)


 1 (1). "Jiko Bukken Kowai Madori" - 1.04 billion yen

 2 (2). "Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur" - 2.69 billion yen

 3 (1). "Ito" - 1.2 billion yen

 4 (5). "Kyo Kara Ore Wa! The Movie"

 5 (6). "Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Ⅲ.spring song"

 6 (5). "Onward"

 7 (new). "Bokutachi no Uso to Sinjitsu: Documentary of Keyakizaka 46"

 8 (7). "Confidence Man JP: Princess Arc" - 3.3 billion yen

 9 (8). "Aokute Itakute Moroi"

 10 (8). "Cells at Work!: The Return of the Strongest Enemy. A Huge Uproar Inside the Body’s Bowels!"





Source:  Eiga.comPixiin



©Akane Shimizu/Kodansha, Aniplex, davidproduction


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